Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Don't get too excited mom.

At work today we heard about a new ad campaign online. It's for Volkswagen, and for some crazy reason unrelated to selling cars, their website has Brooke Shields helping you make a picture of what you, and {insert partner here}'s baby would look like. Pretty hilarious at 4:30pm on a Wednesday in the cube. Our baby is above. Pretty terrifying, dontcha think?
He seems to have gotten Tony's facial features... and Donald Trump's hair. This is definitely one of those babies about which you say "he's so..unique..looking!" Let's hope reality turns out a little more favorably in the looks department than this, when the time comes!
If you want to make your own bundle of terrifying joy, check it out here. It's even scarier on the site, because the baby will look around as you move your mouse.

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