Monday, October 27, 2008


Hopefully, a few months from now, you will all be able to say this to me. :)

Last week, Tony and I joined a gym. It was a long time coming. We had done such a great job working out before the wedding, that apparently we felt we didn't need to do anything for FIVE months after... bad idea.

They had a special - buy 3 months, get one free. So from now til February, we have no excuse not to go. Although, somehow, we have already found "excuses" not to go, except for once. However, I suppose that excessive dirt raking and carpet scrubbing kinda count as exercise... right??

My point in writing this is to put it out there - if everyone knows we are trying to get in shape and lose weight, and come February we haven't, then that's pretty embarrassing.. And now that it's almost November, that means that the non-stop food eating binge known as "the holidays" has begun..

And have I mentioned I work in advertising? People try to bribe us with food ALL the time - AND IT WORKS! Bagels, cookies, etc come through our doors on a regular basis. And somehow I feel the need to eat some every time -- what is it about free food that causes that "I should get some now because it's free and it might not be there in a minute so I need it" reaction??

So enough of my complaining. Please make fun of me if I'm still fat a month from now!! :)

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  1. GOOD LUCK! Could you possibly send some motivation my way - please!


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