Monday, November 17, 2008

Furniture Find

This weekend my mom and Courtney came to visit us and help us pick out a kitchen table. We got one, and I'm super excited about it! It's coming Friday, and they will even put it together for us! Woo!! (I get a little frustrated with following convoluted directions necessary for furniture construction - which is why I can never bring myself to buy Ikea furniture). So when I get home, it will be ready to go in all it's glory.

I will post before and after pictures, but if you've seen our current "table" then you would know why I'm so excited. It was a craigslist find when we first moved into our house -- it was $20, and I'm pretty sure it was a kids coloring table in its former life. So now I will have a fancy grownup table that I can set, and we might actually eat at it! And I have an excuse to pick out a festive centerpiece, just in time for Christmas!

Also, it was great seeing part of my family -- hopefully the others will come visit soon!

(from American Signature Furniture)

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