Friday, November 21, 2008

Hockey Time!

Last night Tony and I went to our first hockey game! Now, Atlanta isn't really known as much of a pro sports town... sure, you have the Braves (big name, not so great game), the Hawks (um, they were kinda good last year, right?), and the Falcons (got some great press the past few years...). Sure, college sports - football especially - are huge. But as far as pro goes...slim pickings -- poor Atlanta. So it's not too surprising that we hadn't been to a Thrashers game before.

We got to sit in one of the suites, thanks to some free tickets I scored through work. Free food and drinks, can't beat that! And of course we had a great view. I'm sure I annoyed Tony by asking 8 million questions throughout the whole game, I'm sure he laughed at me when I thought it was interesting that all of the players are from Canada or Sweden - (makes sense, cold...), and I'm sure that I was a little too amused by the fire-breathing birds that went off when they scored.

But all in all it was quite enjoyable - I would definitely go back for another game. Usually, being the non-sports-enthusiast that I am, by the time the third quarter, second half, fourth inning rolls around, etc, I am a little bored. But this game was fast paced enough that I was a little sad to see it end. Plus, there wasn't a real fight, just some pushing, which I should be ashamed to say that I was a little disappointed by. So, my southern self has been exposed to a very northern sport - and I liked it.


  1. YAY!!! We love going to hockey games - they are so much fun! We have been to 4-5 Thrashers games and we are going to a Hurricanes games at Christmas. Glad you enjoyed it:)

  2. Lol at a Southern being exposed to a Northern sport! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it.


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