Thursday, November 6, 2008


These past few weeks, I was a little scared. It seemed like fall had been bypassed altogether, and winter had set in -- I mean, it was 30 degrees every morning for about a week. There's a reason I live in Georgia! I don't do cold!

But thankfully, the temps have risen some, and now it's perfect fall weather. The trees have really started to glow. There are some absolutely gorgeous ones! My drive is actually tolerable this week, as I have distracted myself by looking at all of the colorful trees that line the roads.

I took this while driving - safe, right?? Yes, actually, it is, because I was going a steady 2 mph for about an hour. You can't really see it, but those trees looked like they were on fire with the sun setting on them... Sadder picture below.... that's my 10 seconds of whining.. sorry.

I'm hoping to do something "outdoorsy" this weekend... apparently this weekend is the "peak" of the color change...we'll see!

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