Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We finally have something to show for our front yard efforts! We went from this:

Don't be deceived by the green color, those were all weeds!
To this:

To this!

We are both beyond excited that the grass actually grew!! And it's pretty thick too! There are a few spots where the seed washed downhill and the ground is a little bare, but we'll take that. I took these pictures from my car window this morning, so they are a little crooked (it was cold, okay??). But you get the idea. Next season we can add more to our little islands, and hopefully the grass will be even thicker then. We will also clean up the side yard and do something with it...
Also, I can't wait to paint the shutters and front door, and replace the white glass door with a full glass door (the dogs love to stand there and look out, barking at innocent passersby, so we can't deny them the glass door).

Since our yard looks so "welcoming" now, I expect you all to come visit!!!! The invitation is always open!


  1. I found your blog through Emily and I HAD to comment. My husband is from Peachtree City and we are planning on moving there in a few years from DC. Too funny not to say something!

  2. How amazing is this transformation?! Such a fabulous difference! Landscaping is never easy but the end result is sooo worth it.


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