Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Table In Action!

Well, ok, it's just sitting in my kitchen. But it's fun to look at! Our new table came, and I definitely love it! It's so nice to have a grown-up table! Yes, right now it is bare, but I figured I would set it Christmasy, and that won't happen until this weekend. With our tiled floors, it's a little tricky to slide the chair out, especially with my large self in it! But a rug will be the next step for this room, and that will solve the sliding problem!
The trick is, however, that Roxy's home-away-from-home is in the kitchen. She's a little annoyed we are infringing on her space as we slowly bring in furniture, and she retaliated by completely eating her bed yesterday while we were at work (or she just likes to chew things, one of the two...)

Since Sandy is a little bit bossy, we keep the dogs separate via a fancy baby gate while we are gone during the day.

I hate the gate - it's a pain to take it down, so we leave it up. We splurged for the nicer looking metal one, but we bungee cord it open when we are home, and it's not so cute. Anyway, even if Sandy wasn't bossy, Roxy would have half of our stuff in the house carted to another room or eaten by the time we came home each day - she's destructive, I'm telling you!! The kitchen is the only room we can successfully Roxy-proof. So far (knock on wood) she has never even thought about chewing on furniture, so I feel the table is safe with her. The point of that random story is that I might wait a little bit before getting a rug, since Roxy might be tempted to destroy it. And painting - she jumps on the walls and scrapes a little paint up every time!
I'm very excited to be able to eat like a human, not hunched over the coffee table, and to eat without staring at the TV. Now Tony will be forced to talk to me (muhahah!!) ;)

Thanks for the help, mom!

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