Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Update

We did indeed spend some time outdoors this weekend, as I had hoped. The weather was beautiful, and the foliage did not disappoint. One of the fabulous things about Peachtree City, is the hundreds of miles of cart paths that wind through town. In case you don't know - Peachtree City is (in)famous for the fact that so many people own golfcarts -- which are not necessarily used for golfing. It's a source of mocking from some, but it's actually kind of nice! Sadly, we don't have one, but we get to enjoy the perks from others' ownership -- lots of safe and scenic dog-walking paths! Most of the paths run along woods that divide streets and neighborhoods, and in protected woodland areas. Many stores have golfcart parking spots up front, and it's not uncommon to see familes headed to dinner, or doing grocery shopping, on their carts.

Usually we stick to the paths in and around our neighborhood, but since the weather was so perfect Saturday morning, we decided to head down to Lake Peachtree (creative name, huh??) and walk around those paths. The dogs enjoyed it, I'm sure, and got the chance to be models.

All in all, a nice taste of fall.


  1. Just found your blog-- nice to see a fellow Georgian :)
    Your dogs are ADORABLE!

  2. Beautiful! Your pups are freaking ADORABLE! Such pros at posing =)


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