Friday, December 12, 2008

Dogs Behaving Badly...

I just wanted to share a few pictures from this week. We had our friends and Tony's parents over on Tuesday night for my birthday.
(Michele pretty much nailed it with the Christmas ornament!)
Mostly I wanted to share Roxy's obsession with the pom poms that hang off the adorable slippers that Kacy and Mikey gave me. Seriously, she is obsessed -- I have to remain motionless while I have them on, otherwise, when I walk, they swing and she lunges at my feet... :)

(Even Sandy was getting in on the action!)
I am hoping to take our family Christmas card picture this weekend -- talk about last minute -- but I'm pretty sure a certain dog will not cooperate. You might be receiving a lovely photo card of me and Sandy smiling, Tony pretending to not hate the idea of taking this type of photo, and the blur of Roxy trying to run away. We send our love.


  1. That cake is too cute! I also have boots with the little pom pom tassels. I haven't worn then in forever because my dogs literally try to chase me around the house.

  2. Happy Birthday! What a beautiful (fun loving) golden lol!


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