Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Silver & Gold (and Red, and Pink, and Green, and...)

Although I've had our holiday decor up for some time now, I am lazy, and have actually had work to do at work (weird, huh?) and have yet to post pics until now. Not that it's anything spectacular, of course. If it were, I would have posted about it way sooner!

I have a random assortment of decorations I've gotten as gifts, on sale post-Christmas, or made (scary thought). One of the things I don't like about our house is the lack of surfaces. We don't really have any bookshelves or window sills or extra table tops to display things on -- this is a good thing, if you ask Tony. It's not that I have a ton of knick knacks to display, but at Christmas, it leaves me little room to "decorate."

So I end up just sorta setting the stuff I have around the house. I have no theme - no rhyme or reason - just stuff that I have determined is festive. We have our mantel (gracing the '70's basement den stone fireplace) and that's about it. But nonetheless, here are some pictures.

(my sis Courtney made this tree for me last year - those are tiny seed beads stuck into a cone individually - loves it!)

I've seen lots of pictures from others' holiday houses -- a white theme, all silver, feathers and natural, etc. And I can totally appreciate the style of this. However, we aren't exactly rolling in it right now (who is??) and I will have to make do with my randomness. I'm very grateful of what we do have.

Also, I'm a mismatched ornament fan. All the ones I have mean something to me - or I just think they are pretty! A lot were stolen from my family tree when I left for college, and a lot I stole from Tony's mom last year :) I love ornaments and want to keep collecting them, maybe even get crafty and make some... Maybe in our next house, I will have multiple trees - one for the sentimental ornaments, and others sporting a color scheme, and the fancy matching ornament sets I have been drooling over at Target.

I love Christmas, and it's so crazy I only have to work next week, then have the whole next week off! Time is really flying....

That being said, we have yet to put up any lights outside -- it was raining the weekend that we decorated, and it's dark by the time we get home. We have a bazillion lights (thanks to the 32 boxes of lights I snagged on sale last year for our May wedding) but I'm thinking it might now be worth it now... I have little wreaths on the windows, that's good enough.

ps - of course the pictures don't do it justice - you can't really capture the twinkly glow of lights with a flash :)

pps - Tony went through a nutcracker-loving phase last year - thus, everyone and their brother got him one as a gift! This year they've made the mantle, but next year, I'm not so sure...

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