Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tree Farm

I blame it on food coma, or perhaps the fact that I had five days off of work, and did nothing but spend money, lay around, and of course, eat. I have been slacking on my updates, which I'm sure everyone has been terribly upset by... anyway...

In keeping with my desire to decorate for Christmas in a timely fashion this year, we went to cut down our tree this past weekend. Although Thanksgiving itself was a clear and sunny day, the rest of the weekend was pretty miserable. It wasn't really cold, but it poured rain for three days straight. Very depressing.

Finally on Sunday, we headed out to the tree farm with Mikey and Kacy and raincoats to get a tree. Since our ceilings are so low, we had to get a baby one - 6ft ish. I know some people can't have real trees because of allergies, or don't really want to go to the trouble of having one, but I absolutely love having a live tree. It's so green and smells so fresh - I don't mind the little bit of needle dustbusting that it requires (that, and I love to dustbust anyway - weird).

And my favorite part is getting the free trimmings from the firs to use for decorating (and they smell the best!)
I also "festivized" our house with the hodge podge of decorations I had from past years, and Tony will be putting the lights up outside this weekend. :) Yay for the holidays!
And here's a picture of Roxy thrown in for good measure. She soooooo wants to drag the tree skirt around the living room, but so far has only sniffed. (She's obsessed with anything white - and fuzzy)


  1. I love all the smells of Christmas...they haven't attacked me yet but I can't wait till they do!

  2. Aww, hodge podge is the way to go!


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