Sunday, January 25, 2009

Progress: Our Bedroom

As referenced in my new year's post, one of my goals was to stop procrastinating about fixing up our house. I have many ideas, but seem to lack the confidence to actually do anything. Of course budget restraints make things tricky, but I'm trying to focus on doing one thing at a time.

Here's what we've done so far with the bedroom - most of this was done during the break I had around new year's, so I really was trying to take my own advice!

Yes, it's blue. But I promise - it's not as scary of a blue as my camera makes it out to be. Yes, it's a bright blue - but not that.. electric... It's Utah Sky (you're thinking - "oh, now I can picture it exactly" -- right???) When looking thru magazines and books and blogs, I always like the look of crisp, neutral rooms - whites, beiges, etc. But then when it comes to my own house, I seem always be drawn to bright, vivid colors. Maybe it's because, growing up, my room had thick vertical stripes of bright teal and white wallpaper...I blame my parents.

Regardless - our room is blue. And I like it, thank you very much. It's been blue for a while, but just recently did I decide to add some of the brown accents that I had in mind to offset the blue.

I love our chocolate bedspread (complete with tan dog) and our white furniture has a sort of beachy-without-palm-trees feel to it (in my mind at least). So I wanted to add natural textures and browns to go with that.

I'm proud of my cheapo art -- I got $2 frames, spray painted them (one of my new favorite hobbies), and filled them with stock photos turned sepia that I found online. $12 total - yes! (and I felt crafty - bonus points!) Maybe in our next bedroom we will have real art...

The curtains we got at a cleaned-out, 70% off Linens and Things. We failed to note the length on the curtains - we were just so excited we found some that were the color we wanted that didn't cost an arm and a leg (budget, remember). So I like them -- they are just a little short. I know the decorator's tip is to make curtains extra long to make the room seem taller. We'll just deal with our midget room for now.

I've been on the lookout for a mirror for over the dresser for some time now. I want it to be brownish, round, and of an interesting texture or material. So far, nothing has stood out. Although I do have my eye on some at Target... waiting for the 50% sale to come...

And where the star hangs on the wall is where my sister's commissioned artwork will hang -- if she ever finishes it for me!
And yes, I know what you are thinking. You are totally jealous of the TV, and want to know where you can snag an 11" TV/VCR combo that weighs 50 pounds. 1995, that's where.

So of course there are many caveats to this room - it is in no way whatsoever done. But I have made progress, and to me - that's a big first step.

Oh - and we finally replaced the burned-out light on the side of the house - progress!


  1. you are too funny:) your house is sooo cute! I love the blue-brown combination - my kitchen has the same combo. Miss you! Hopefully I will get to see the progress on your house first-hand sometime this year.

  2. shut up claire! this looks so cute!! love the color scheme with the blue and brown. can you please come decorate my apt on a budget? i need some help real bad! miss you!

  3. I like your idea to take stock photos and tun them into art in your room. Interesting. They look great.

  4. This space looks fabulous! So pulled together and so serene. What do you mean "real art"?! Those framed sepia images ARE real art! I'm impressed.

    Love the stripes on the bedding too. And best accessory ever: the adorable fuzzy pooch. I can relate =)

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my LR!


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