Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Purple Blanket

Geez...nothing exciting is going on this winter...thus you will have to endure more tales from fixing up our house..
So, I was totally sick of the standard yellow/cream/beige color that is in all of our house, and it was really bothering me in the guest room...

Purple Blanket. That's the name of the color I decided to paint on an "accent wall" in our guest bedroom (fancy, huh). I figured a whole purple room would be quite scary... and I'm still not sure if a 1/4 purple room is scary or not.

For Christmas, we got this fabulous black and white bedding set from my Grammy, and with the recycled black furniture from Tony's youth, I figured a pop of color would be a good thing. I kinda like it...and I'm kinda scared of it. Not quite sure yet. Does it scream Barney? Or is it bright and bold? You tell me. Keep in mind my camera has a tendency to make all colors crazy scary looking.

I painted the other walls Manhattan Mist. Turns out, with the tiny little windows and weird overhead lighting, about 89% of the time, the other walls reflect the purple and end up looking lavender. *NOT what I was going for.* Tony tells me it does look gray, but I'm pretty sure he's slightly color blind, so I can't trust him. I'm going to live with it for a while, and find stuff to decorate and put on the walls. If it still looks like a cupcake, I'm going to repaint a darker gray.

I'm also excited about making a headboard for our little full bed. I've been stalking others' creations for a while, and using the fabulous tutorials here, here, and here, I'm hoping to create a fancy looking piece for very little money.

Later on down the road I can repaint the furniture (what's funny is Tony painted it black as a teenager to be cool... and years later I actually like it black). And there is great potential for a dramatic window treatment.

So you tell me - scary blanket???


  1. I'm not scared of the color. I kinda like it. I prefer colors other than beige in the bedroom... don't ask me why though, cause I cannot tell you.

    Good luck with the headboard! It will be easy-peasy for you! Make sure to show us when you are done. =)

  2. I love the gray...and I hear ya on the reflecting colors thing - sometimes the most neutral colors will pick up the hues next to it...hence the lavendar walls. Let us know what you end up doing...I am sure it will be fab!

  3. I like the purple- it looks fine in the photos. but i have not been in the room . . . sometimes actually being there changes it. I do think you need something to "pop" as you say, against the black and white. Good luck!

  4. When Nick first moved into his townhouse, one of the rooms was previously a little girls room. It was painted lavender and EVERYTHING in it (bedspread, lamps, curtains, etc.) was lavender. We made it our guest bedroom but every guest then after would refer to it as "purple rain" because we couldn't afford to put new stuff in it. So, you're guest bedroom is looking great!!


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