Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Windy Weekend in D.C.

Given that we had President's Day off yesterday, Tony, Kacy, Mikey, and I decided it would be fitting to head to D.C. for the long weekend trip we were planning (that, and Kacy's aunt and uncle live in the suburbs and we could stay for free!). So we were good citizens and explored our nation's capital. Of course I took about 200 paparazzi pictures, but I will only share a few.

We had big plans, but only got to about a fraction of the things we were planning on doing. We had a turbulence-filled windy flight in, took a tour of the capitol building, went to the Holocaust museum (I had never been - very impactful), saw alot of the monuments, popped into the Air and Space, ate $18 french toast (oops), went to Annapolis and visited the Naval Academy (Kacy's dad's alma mater), ate delicious crab on multiple occasions, hung out with Barack, ate a romantic Valentines dinner at a Five Guys that was invaded by punk teenagers, explored Arlington, mastered - and then got lost on - the Metro, and had an all around busy but eventful time. Kacy's aunt, uncle, and cousins were super nice and very accommodating (full breakfast for us every morning!).
So, thanks Abe for being born (200 years ago!) and granting us this day off work!


  1. I love DC. It's a great place to live, though we'll be happy to get out of hustle and bustle in a few years. I'm glad you had a great time!

  2. Looks like you had fun! I went to the holocaust museum when I was about 15 with my family and I had to leave, it was just too sad. All those shoes.


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