Monday, March 9, 2009


Two notable birthdays are being celebrated today: Barbie and Peachtree City! Both are 50!

While the lovely town that I call home is not quite as sexy as Barbie, it is safe to say it is more naturally proportioned.

50 years ago today, our little city was born planned. Yes, it's a planned city - and as yuppie as that sounds, it actually has many perks - the cart path system (no, we don't have a golf cart...yet...), protected forest areas, advertising bans, tons of codes that seem annoying but keep the city looking pretty, and limitations on how built-out it can ultimately get.

I know I've rambled on before about the things that make the city great - plenty of trees, hundreds of miles of cart paths (there is a path entrance right across from our house on the other side of the street - easy access!), nice and safe area... etc. Of course there are the "cons" - lack of variety for shopping, eating, entertainment (we have to drive about 20 mins to even get to a movie theatre - but we have a Target, so I'm okay). But we are within a reasonable distance from Atlanta (ok, it's not reasonable during my morning and afternoon commutes to Buckhead). But you get the idea - I'm willing to trade a few things to know that if I want to leave my doors unlocked, I'll be fine.

Peachtree City is quiet and small, but so far it has suited us well.

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  1. I am sure your city is more naturally proportioned! How fun that your city is 50 years old. Big stuff.


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