Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If You Are Stuffed, You Will Be Destroyed.

That is Roxy's motto. Sandy could care less, but when it comes to stuffing, Rox is a pro at finding the weakest thread and dominating the poor squirrel/dog/opossum/guest bedroom pillow (you name it, we've probably had it torn to shreds).

I'm sure if any of you have a dog like this, you can totally relate. I would say all dogs are like this, but Sandy is too cool to play with toys, and our friend Kaly takes the act of carrying around a stuffed toy without harming it like it's her job. So who knows.

But...if you have a Roxy, I would highly recommend Tuffy Toys. Our friend Greg (and Madison!) introduced us to these virtually indestructible toys that really do live up to their name! We got ours here, and ordered two - one for each dog (but honestly, one for Round 1, and one for backup). You can choose the toughness level - we got a 7- and although some sites have them priced pretty high, we got 2 for around $25. And I'm telling you, it was worth every penny!

They were Christmas presents, but one quickly made it's way to a closet shelf in hiding.

(you know you wanna buy a Samsung now, right?? scary tv)

Roxy started out with Sherman the Sheep.

4 months later, and she just now managed to get into him. The toys are made with multiple layers of really thick material and super-strong stitching. And legs, ears, etc are all sewn on as separate pieces, so if they rip off an extremity, all is not lost!

Sherman got a severe beatdown daily from Roxy. He's about the size of a small cat and she would whip him around like he was prey. Seriously, she was obsessed with him for 4 months and just now managed to destroy him.

Howie the Horse came off the shelf, and as I type she just came wandering into the room, Howie in mouth.

Best. Dog. Toys. Ever.

(peace and quiet for Claire:)


  1. nice- 4 months is a pretty long time! My parents have a small poodle- but he destroys almost everything! He is weird- he will rip out the eyes and ears, then carry it around for weeks before ripping all the stuffing out. Dogs are so funny. = )

  2. Awww, Roxy looks like our Casco. I love goldens. We got Casco Larry the Lobster one year (a dog named after Maine gets Maine themed toys) and it lasted forever. I agree, best toys ever!

  3. What a great idea! Allie fortunately doesn't seem to bent on destroying things with stuffing, but that's not to say our future pets will not!

    Roxy looks adorable.

  4. Thank you so much for the recommendation!! We cannot find any stuffed toys that Seger doesn't destroy in 5 minutes. I am going to give these a try.


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