Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Making Plans

Although it's only Wednesday, I am already making plans for the weekend - thinking about the projects I've been meaning to start (and the ones I have been meaning to finish...).

One thing I have been planning on doing, but haven't gotten around to yet, is to take "inventory" of everything in our house. I want to go through and take pictures of every room of our house, and of every "larger" item - electronics, appliances, furniture, etc. This will be helpful for two reasons:

1. I always start a project, meaning to take a before and after photo, but I am usually too excited to get started that I forget. These inventory pics will be very useful for the blog! Haha.

2. For insurance purposes. Hopefully, I will never need them for this, but if our house burned down, etc - it is super-helpful to have records of all of the stuff you had, so a fair assessment of value can later be made (or so Tony says! He's in insurance, so he knows, right? Maybe they don't care about what's in your house...hmmm....). Of course, I will need to put the pics on an online album or something, in the sad case that our computer also burned, or drowned, or got tornadoed.

Not to mention, having a solid record of my pathetic first attempt at decorating our house will be funny to laugh at in 20 years. Hopefully, by then I will have more skills at that kinda thing!

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