Saturday, March 14, 2009

Paint Your Place

You must know by now that I have issues with paint colors. Simple as that. I get an idea of what I think I will want, and it looks good in my head (of course) but once it gets on my walls, I'm thinking --- why?

And I can't decide if I like bold color or not - I think I just don't "execute" bold color properly. (I'm thinking - I saw Kim Myles use bright purple in a room, and hers didn't look like Barney exploded on the wall..)
I've been dying to paint our kitchen. We have a million bright white cabinets, a white fridge (unfortunately), a yellowy white stove (gross), and whiteish tile floors. Currently, there is a chair rail, and the top half of the walls are the builder beige that I have been slowly eradicating out of the house. The bottom is some awful peachy color. Just because it's Georgia does NOT mean that it is ok to use peach (sorry to all of the peach fans out there - I'm not one. The fruit or the color - hah!).
Why they 1. chose that color, and 2. only painted half the room... I don't know.

*please ignore all of the stuff on the counters...and the dirty dishes...and the pig timer...

But I can't decide which direction to go with the color. I was happy to see that now offers their Paint Your Place software for free if you just give them your email. I'm sure there are other places online where you can do this - but, I'm lazy. It's not the best program ever, but it's fun to play around with the colors. And I'm not sure, but I think it actually paints the colors as shadows in areas where it looks like it would be. So that's fun.

My ideas thus far are: a buttery yellow, a deep grayblue to offset the white all around (but without looking Country Time - a slippery slope), a lighter more-gray-than-blue blue, or a neutral brownish. We are planning on repainting our living room a neutral brown, so I'm not sure that I want both rooms to look the same...

The yellow looks scary on there...

Dark ash - kinda like it...

Sled... I like this one a lot, but does it make it look like I need to hang up needlepoint ducks on the walls to match???

Spanish Galleon - nice and neutral... but is it boring??

The good thing about paint is, if you hate it, you can just redo it. The only problem with that is, I'm the only painter in this family (Tony manages to be gone when I decide to paint) and again, I'm lazy. So once would be nice, thanks.


  1. I kind of liked the yellow . . . Or the slate. What a neat program!

  2. You have a ridiculous amount of cabinet space. :)


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