Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is It July Yet?

Lately I have been helping my mom do some research on beach rental cottages for a week in July for our family vacation. I haven't been to the beach with my family since my freshman year of college, so I am definitely looking forward to it! (Um... and ... free vacation...).
Ever since I was a baby (and before I existed) our family has always gone to Hatteras in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. That area has always held such a special place in my heart. It's quiet and non-touristy, and we love it. I remember driving out on the beach, going down about a mile to the point of the island and being able to set up camp on the sand without being able to see a single person in either direction. (Strangers and me in a bathing suit don't mix, you see). Sure, the water is freezing, even in July, and the waves about knock you over while you worry about the unseeable critters swimming within inches of your toes...and the shell chunks in the sand hurt a little when you walk on them (or fall on them when you were supposed to just be wading...), but it's the Atlantic, what do you expect?

This year we are planning on mixing it up a bit and heading to the clear water/white sand beaches of Florida. This works out better for Tony and I, of course, since we are halfway there anyway. We've been looking for places on Anna Maria island (on the gulf side, near Sarasota). It looks really cute and we've heard good things. Seems to have a little more happening than Hatteras, but not super crazy. Has anyone been here? Plus, my little sis will turn 21 while we are there - and I want there to actually be somewhere fun to go for that!
We've found a few options for little houses to rent for the week, and looking at all of the pictures makes me really want to go. Like now. HOWEVER, I'm a little bit pale and not exactly bathing suit ready (am I ever??). Either way, all this beachyness is making it difficult to sit in my cube...


  1. Hi Claire--thank you so much for entering my blogiversary giveaway, and for your sweet comment! I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow, and will need your email address to contact you if you win. Please respond via email to this comment, so I know it's you. Thanks, and good luck!

  2. YAY - so exciting! Want to take me along:) I really can't believe Courtney is going to be 21 - I feel really old now! Well, enjoy your vacation!

  3. Good luck waiting that out! You're going to have a fantastic trip!

  4. We visited the Outer Banks about 3 yrs ago and spent some time @ Hatteras--fell in LOVE w/ it (even though the weather was a bit choppy due to a hurricane brewing somewhere in the Atlantic). It was one of the highlights of our trip!

    Thanks for your sweet words on my post today! Your Golden comment made me burst out laughing--how adorable is she?!

  5. Beach trips are always so wonderful. I find myself daydreaming about them all day long. Anna Maria looks beautiful and fun. I also wanted to mention Watercolor, FLA (part of Santa Rosa beach) It is a really neat and beautiful place to visit. It truly is a one of a kind vacation. No matter where you go, I'm sure you will have fun.


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