Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Return of Chocolate

Oh chocolate, I missed you. This is bad...

We had a great Easter long weekend in Knoxville - minus the trip up there.
Tip: if you hear on the news and from multiple people all day that there is going to be tornadic weather exactly at the same time you plan on driving in a newish car with a dog in tow -- listen.
We just happened to be passing through N. GA when tornado-like weather went through. We were so happy we got to leave work early and beat traffic - instead, we ended up spending three hours in a Cracker Barrel (with Sandy!). And my lovely little Camry looks like someone went at it with a hammer. Great. Annnnd we just paid our house deductible. Looks like another $500 will be out the window - and this one is NOT the best $500 ever spent.
Oh well, at least we made it out alive - I was just picturing Bill Paxton and flying cows. Seriously though, I was pretty close to full out panic attack...but on to the good stuff.

I got to see some of my awesome friends who I miss so dearly - Hannah, JoBeth, and Adrienne. We got to say Totes Magotes and Joban, which was fabulous. And I got the good news that Adrienne and Adam are engaged!! (Adam, do you still read this? If so, I'm impressed. With both your endurance in reading this, and with that rock!)

Of course, I also got to spend some great quality time with the fam. I love going home to see everyone so much! I need to go back sooner than four months this time!

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  1. Oh you are too cute in that first picture!!


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