Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Waste Not

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but go figure, I've been lazy about it!

I want to get a reusable lunch bag for 3 reasons:
  1. Stop wasting so many plastic bags -- granted, I keep them at my desk after lunch to recycle them, but so far I've just ended up with a stash of 300 bags in my trunk, since I always forget to take them into Kroger!
  2. Someone at my office apparently thinks it's ok to move my lunch bag (that is beige like all of the other 50 bags in the fridge) to a different shelf every day, to make room for their obviously superior lunch, resulting in an infuriating hunt to find my lame Lean Cuisine that I don't really want anyway.
  3. They make them in pretty colors and patterns that are guaranteed to make lunch time much more fun!

I've found some very cute options on Etsy:

From Seller Petunias (her ICKY bags are so cute!) You can even choose your own fabric on her blog

Blue Bucket Tote, ICKY Bag -- I would do it in this fabric or maybe this one -- too many choices!

OR From Seller Naturally Felt - who is also totally willing to customize something (I love that about Etsy!)

Blue and Brown Tote, Blue Zoo Tote -- which would be perfect for a kid...or a 24 year old...

And if these little guys could fit the frozen delicacies I have for lunch, I would totally get them!

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