Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Touch of Sand

I haven't quite yet figured out my decorating style yet. In college, I had a lot of "beach" themed rooms - palm tree posters and the like. Because the beach makes me happy. I love pretty sunsets, sealife, and the relaxing sights of the ins and outs of the tides. So in our grownup house, I'm walking the tricky line of doing sea-ish decor without being tacky. Our bedroom is evidence of this.

I wanted our guest bathroom to continue this theme. It's nowhere near perfect or particularly chic(umm..hello broadway stage lights), but it's at least a little more pleasant!

I started out with 5 ugly frames from Goodwill --nothing that a little spray paint can't help (I LOVE spraypaint!) $10 total at the most. True, I probably could have bought new, already white frames, but that's no fun, and I like how each of these has different textures and styles.

I knew I wanted to use these in the bathroom, but I figured having family and friend's photos above the toilet might be a little sketchy...and scare off any visitors...especially if they were featured. So Tony had the bright idea of doing dog photos, and I made it "Beachyish" by using only pictures of dogs that were taken near the lake, the beach, or the pool - all made sepia to make them look fancy.

Forgive the light for these, it's pretty intense (yet still dark somehow?) with those lights and a camera flash!

This is either Shayla or Kaly (sorry Kacy, I can't tell them apart in sepia!) chilling on the beach in the shade in St. Augustine.

This is Sydney roaming the dirt near the lake, where the water was really really low, and either Shayla or Kaly is below again enjoying the beach.

And this is little Quincy, my parents' mini dachshund getting caught drinking pool water.

I figured our dogs might get a little embarrassed if we put their sweet faces up...so I spared them and put up their friends instead.

I'm hoping to soon buy some molding to frame out that mirror- it's perfect for that (is it bad the only thing stopping me from doing this is the ridiculously long pieces that molding comes in, where it's intimidatingly touching the roof of the Home Depot??)

My other Goodwill find that I was really excited about (I love Goodwill, what can I say). It looks straight outta an 80's basement...

But with a little paint, I feel like it fits right in the bathroom

So there you have it - a little touch of the ocean, to tide me over until our real
beach vacation (in only a few weeks! Okay...like 6 weeks.....)


  1. I hope you know that I'm taking notes on all your ideas! Don't be surprised when you visit if all my rooms look EXACTLY like yours! :)

    Also, do you have a HobbyLobby near you? My friend at work had her bathroom mirror framed and she said it was pretty cheap because they don't charge labor. Maybe you should look into that?

  2. I love the beach theme as well. My house has sortof taken on a beach theme too. It just never gets old. Your house sure is looking pretty! I love the dog photos -- a little upset that you didn't ask Seger to be in one, but I'll forgive you in time. Love and Miss!

  3. I am still trying to figure out my style too- but I have to say that your picture frame transformation is freaking awesome. And the shells too. You are very talented.


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