Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We're Floored!

It's true. Our house is a whole new place thanks to the new floors. If you will recall the disgusting before:

Every house needs a few different types of carpet (bonus points if there is a big conspicuous stain!) and what beats a little parquet entrance?!
So we got to work (well, let's be honest, Tony and Kacy got to work... in my defense, most of this was done before I got home from work... that...and I'm not as clever or as strong as Kacy!) Here she is laying the groundwork

Better already!
Mikey laying down on the job (how rude! it's not like you worked all day outside!)

Scary saw - no hands were lost.. that's a good thing..

Finished living room (by finished, I do mean, the boards are down. Corner round, decor refresh, etc to come) And apparently at night my camera lens gets really dirty - that, or we have lots of ghosts..

On to the hall...and on to three hours of sawing long door jambs

This was the infamous piece that gave us so much trouble, which Kacy finally solved!

"Finished" hall

Voila! Now all we need is a rug..... and a general "lightening" of the space..

We are tackling our bedroom this weekend - wish us luck!


  1. it looks great claire! i can't imagine how hard that probably was, i am def not handy!! :)

  2. Um, my jaw is seriously on the floor right now. It looks amazing. Although, I have to admit - there's a certain charm to that change in carpeting half way through the hall, no? Lol, such a great improvement - I'm so impressed.

  3. Wow- it looks so good. I am really impressed with the change too. It really looks beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished product.

    (Good luck in the bedroom- I'm sure it will be fine.)

  4. I love it. Looks like a whole new place!


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