Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mix and Match?

Our living room is pretty small, especially since we don’t have an entry way and the front door opens right into this room. It’s also the room between the hall and the kitchen, requiring a decent amount of “traffic” room. We currently have two couches – a seen-better-days JCP purchase from right when we moved in, and a nice little leather love seat we got from our real estate agent for a steal.

The big couch has got to go – it’s relatively comfortable, but it’s picked to pieces from dog nails and it’s stuffing has turned lumpy and floppy…(nice description, huh?). Due to our space limits, we want to have two chairs with a small table between to go with the loveseat. Hopefully this will help make the room not look so heavy, but also allow for more flexibility in arrangement – right now we have the options of switching the couches on two walls, and that’s about it.

SO the question is – do you mix and match – two different chairs that coordinate somehow? Or do you get two matching chairs to minimize clutter? And since we are losing the 3-butt seating of the big couch, should we get one of those oversized chairs, an ottoman, and a regular chair – so as to comfortably seat 2 ½ people? These are conundrums my non-designer-inclined mind can’t comprehend…
Here are some of my favorite pieces I’ve seen (I’m trying to stay both neutral and simple – there are plenty of really cool chairs out there that I like, but am just too chicken to get, especially since we know we won’t be in this house forever, and I want something that will last and be easy to work with, even if our style changes, and we can’t afford super-nice furniture, ::too many commas for one sentence::,)

(faux leather, probably comfy, kinda log-cabiny looking though...)

(cute, but comfy??)

(will this look bad with dog mud print accents??)



new one use this
(I like the slipper chair look; Tony is biased against no-arm chairs..)

(room for 2??)

I want these chairs to be comfy…but still cute…
Anyone have any chair recommendations that are stylish, affordable, and Roxy-proof?

Photos from Home Decorator's Outlet, Ikea, Target, and Bassett


  1. We have a "Chair and a Half" from Rooms to Go in this amazing micro-fiber... its stain resistant and comes with a LIFETIME garauntee if you can't get the stain out (they'll replace the whole thing)! We got it in a set with our sofa, and its amazing.. soft, comfy and dog-hair resistant!

  2. Our chair and a half is amaZing - but big. It comfortably fits both of us, but is not much smaller than your typical loveseat. I would vote for two neutral (but not leather)matching chairs, one with an ottoman. Ottoman becomes extra seating when you need that 5th spot.

  3. I love your choices, but agree with Tony against armless chairs . . . My brain is befuddled as well! I only get one lay out option in our space lol.


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