Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Photos the Free Way

I'm probably preaching to the choir on this one, but...

I've said this before, but I'm pretty much a
paparazzi, and it's only gotten worse since I've been blogging, since I feel the compulsive need to document every mildly interesting thing that goes on in our lives...

We would be broke, and buried in little paper foldover envelopes, if I got all of said photos developed. I come close... There's just something great about holding a glossy photo in your hand, framing a great picture, or flipping through an album.

There are a million places now to get digital prints developed, but here's a list of the "new customer" freebie deals out there on the main sites:

ArtsCow.com offers new customers 600 4x6" and 600 5x7" prints (1,200 total)

Snapfish offers 50 free prints
dotPhoto offers 50 free prints
CVS.com offers 50 free prints
PhotoMama.com offers 50 free prints
YorkPhoto.com offers 40 free prints
AdoramaPix.com offers 25 free prints
FujiFilm offers 100 free prints via coupon code "prints"
PhotoWorks offers 50 free prints
ClarkColor.com offers 20 free prints
MyPhotoAlbum.com offers 20 free prints
Fotomat.com offers 15 free prints
Shutterfly offers 25 free prints
Winkflash offers 50 free prints via coupon code "WF95WF27 "
Meijer offers 50 free prints
Kodak EasyShare Gallery offers 20 free prints
Ritzpix.com offers 16 free prints

Now I haven't tried out all of these, but I have done a few and they've worked like a charm.
Snapfish is my favorite photo site - can't say why exactly, but they were the first site I used, and their photos are always cheap ($.09, or less if you prepay for 250+ at a time), are shipped very fast, and are always a great quality.

Plus, they always have at least one helpful coupon code floating around in space. I have never purchased photo prints without some type of discount - if one service doesn't have a coupon code working at the time, I will use a different site.

Free Shipping is the best (am I the only one who HATES paying shipping on ANYTHING??? It just seems so wrong...), but often there are deals for buying 50+, 15% off, or something of the sort. I usually just Google "snapfish coupon code" and one of the first sites that pops up will have something (RetailMeNot usually pulls through). And if you get on the email lists of these companies, they are always sending offers, discounts, and free stuff (yay for marketplace competition!)

So if you became a new member on each of the sites above, that's a lot of free pictures!!! I ordered over 600 wedding pictures a while back, and only paid around $30 total - not bad! (And yes, they are all in one massive album that's actually pretty nice considering it's mammoth size)

Does anyone else have a fave photo site? Coupon site??
Did anyone else have to buy a whole new computer because you crashed your laptop with too many photos even though you had an external hard drive...??? Not saying that was me or anything......(sorry again Tony)

[Photo list from DealNews.com]


  1. yes please! I need to print some more photos- but I never do it. these links might make it happen. thanks.

  2. I need to look into half of these!


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