Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Chalky

It's certainly not an idea I concocted myself. Basically anything DIY I do at my house is something I'm shamelessly copying from another blogger. Whatev.

Chalkboards are gettin' around lately, and I have to admit I was a little too eager to make one of my own... luckily I had the perfect place to put it and found the perfect thrift store piece to transform into my own little slice of blackboard bliss.

Oaken something-or-other in need of some tlc:

With the addition of Krylon "Global Blue" and some chalkboard paint, here's the beauty now:

The skinny cabinet side in our kitchen was just the right space for this. I thought of going with the oldey but goldey (that's the way I say it, ok???) white or black frame, but I took a little inspiration from our bright blue pot holders to add a pop of color in our otherwise neutral kitchen. I love it!!

Now when Tony uses the last of the olive oil or something, we can write it down right away (...instead of leaving the empty bottle in the cabinet to be discovered with much chagrin on another day...not to mention any names or anything....Tony.....)

The board was $4. Sure, the chalkboard paint is a little pricey - like $8 - but I only used a little and there is plenty left over!

So is the blue a good pop of color or a little scary??? I'm thinking it's a success. I'm also thinking of painting the dog feeding thingy the same... who knows!
**Let's pretend it doesn't look crooked in the picture....
I'm linking this to Kimm of Reinvented - Trash to Treasure Tuesday - check it out!


  1. I love it! You are just so crafty :)

  2. I love the blue! You're right, that chalkboard paint will last forever! Start looking for more stuff to paint! :)

  3. You really do make me sick sometimes... :)

  4. I like the blue- I like all of it for that matter! = ) Good work.


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