Tuesday, September 1, 2009

House To-Do List

I like reading the monthly goals that a lot of other blogger girls post. However, I know my limitations. I can't commit to one particular month in which to do something.

But I CAN commit to finishing our home to-do list sometime between now and when we move. Good enough??

Whenever I show a little project on here that I have done, I always feel the need to caveat it with a "yes, I realize we haven't done this this and this, and oh yeah this" list -- just so you people are fully aware that I am aware of the less-than-good parts. House insecurity, let's call it.

To avoid this editorial necessity for future DIY attempts, I'm going to put our house to-do list on here so I can feel fancy when I get to cross something off!! Some things are fixers, some are buyers.

Here's the rundown, in no particular order:

  • Do quarter round and finish thresholds for floors
  • Crown moulding
  • Paint the peely and chippy trim
  • Paint the office (I'm sick of Builder's Beige)
  • Get carpet replaced in guest room and office
  • Sofa, Chairs, Other Seating Solution?
  • Fix bathroom exhaust fan (mold, anyone?)
  • Put in wood blinds in guest room and living room (peepers no more!)
  • Backyard (don't we need a plan of action first?)
  • Gutters (waterfalls are great and all ... )
  • Fix water flow issues from neighbor's yard (again with those waterfalls)
  • Fix laundry room layout/drywall holes/paint/exhaust?
  • Fix shower door so it doesn't leak
  • Buy new desk for office (for blogging comfort, of course)
  • Switch switches (we're living with half almond, half white - tragic!)
  • Refinish guest room furniture
  • Buy bookcase for living room
  • Hang curtains in living room
  • Rug for bedroom (dog nails clicking in the night)
  • More front yard landscaping
  • Finish spraypainting kitchen cabinet hardware
  • Repaint exterior doors
Whew! That's short and sweet! I'll have that done in no time!! I'll start right after I go out back to trim the money tree ;)


  1. (Sigh) I wish I had a money tree.

  2. "But I CAN commit to finishing our home to-do list sometime between now and when we move."

    Are there plans of moving? Just curious.

  3. sorry josie! i meant to clarify that!! no plans to move - but i figure i will get everything done by that time in the future - or else it won't matter anyway since i will have a new house to work on!


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