Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's gonna be an exciting April!

Tony and I don't know any babies.  None.  Never have.  Have no clue what to do with them.

But come April, we will have 2 little nieces or nephews or some combination thereof to play with!!  Our sister in law Jennifer (Tony's brother Jon's wife) recently told us the good news that she was expecting - due the beginning of April.  We were so excited!!  (ok, well, I was super super crazy excited, Tony was just regular happy - he doesn't register much more than that...)

Just a week later - we got the crazy news that my little sister Courtney is also preggers - this one a little unexpected, but an exciting, happy thing nonetheless!  And the crazy part is, she is due exactly 2 weeks after Jennifer.  I'm playing mother by sending her 25 website links a day of things I think she should know. 

So we go from knowing zero babies, to knowing two within mere weeks of each other.  I'm so excited for both Jon and Jennifer, and Courtney and Byron - two couples in very different places but both starting their families and welcoming little tiny babies into the world.  I'm super excited to buy lots and lots and lots of baby stuff for both of them.  It's a sickness, and I have a feeling it's only just begun.  Now I have a legitimate excuse to peruse the baby aisles of Target without seeming like a creepy stalker. 

It's definitely making me have baby-rabies (as Katie so eloquently put it once!) but luckily I will get some experience and a dose of baby-reality from 2 sources before it's someday my turn to do it too. 

**I haven't had the chance to subject Jennifer to my ridiculous photo requests yet - but she better beware!**


  1. you are still a very amazing big sis...we all love you

  2. "Baby-Rabies"...God, I love you. :)

  3. Oh- so fun! Congratulations to your sister and sister-in-law! So many babies.

  4. I will have to remember the "baby rabies" too... I just can't wait for the day when this post says you and Tony are expecting!!


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