Monday, October 12, 2009

Stylin' Momma

My mom has some amazing style.  And I'm not just saying this because she's one of my 3 readers here.  Or because she birthed me.

Even when I was younger, I remember thinking how good our house looked and how I really liked how she decorated it.  She has the great ability to mix old and new, traditional and modern, neutral and bold.

Granted, she has made their house look great with the sole work of  help of my dad's handiness (seriously, the man can fix/make/design/build anything...)  If it weren't for his labor (and her supervision, of course) half of what has made their house a home wouldn't be possible.

When my parents bought their house around 10 years ago or so (I can't remember exactly, I was too busy being traumatized by middle school), it was a total mess.  Apparently the owners were drug dealers who owned many homes but ended up not being able to pay for any of them.  Basically, my parents got a house with good bones for quite a steal (see, I can say this, because I had to pay $0.00 for it personally - that, and money grows on trees).  But this came with the daunting task of having to slowly replace evvvvverything.  Over the years they have slowly fixed up practically every square inch of this house.  Literally, it's drowning in sweat equity. 

I snapped a few pictures when I went to visit recently, but they definitely don't do justice to their home.  It's warm and inviting and comfy and stylish -- all wrapped up into one.  My hope is that one day I can have as classy of a style as my mom (don't hold your breath).

They just remodeled the bathroom completely (my dad did it all himself) and got this fancy cast iron tub

I love the living room and especially this red chair - nothing in their house "matches" and I love that!

I would like to steal these lamps one day, but I'm afraid Roxy would turn this quickly into broken glass.. And Tony might or might not have tried repeatedly to let her take these brown chairs home with us.  No use.

She just got these great dining room chairs, but has yet to pick out which fabric she wants.  I love the pattern on the back - very colonial plantationy looking to me.. even though I'm pretty sure that's not a design term..

I don't want her ego to get too large, so I had to point out that she's kind of a weirdo - meet Virginia.  She's a mannequin with green hair and lips, and she dresses according to the season.  Right now she's looking tacky in orange and white.  Totally freaked out my friends growing up. 

Love you mom :)  Please come back to my house and help me decorate!!  And dad, we totally have a list of projects awaiting your return!


  1. Love your mom and dad's house. It's gorgeous. Virginia looks like fun.

  2. Oh man. I've always wanted a tub like that. Maybe one day! Seriously Claire? You have style as well! Believe me, the talent of your mom and dad has been passed on to you!!

  3. I lurve that iron tub. So great. Your mom definitely has awesome taste. =)

  4. I've got dad doing built in bookcases for me one day and stairs down to the yard... and french doors in our bedroom... and and and...
    I bet mom blushed.


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