Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How They're Hangin'

Well, I can finally say I've crossed a few things off of our lengthy house to-do list over there on the right --->

I've said before that we have been phasing out the red in our living room, opting instead for more natural and neutral colors - greens, browns, whites, tans, etc.

Here are the old roman shades we had.  We originally went for this type of shade because Sandy has a penchant for standing on/dominating the couch all day to be sure she barks at every passing car/person/gust of wind.  I didn't want broken blinds.

But we're risking it and put up white blinds and a lovely curtain rod. 

They have a greenish silverish blueish tone (maybe a tiny bit more blueish than I would prefer..) but just having curtains totally softens the room.  I love how they look.

Here's my issue.  I really wanna implement the principles of hanging curtains for maximum impact.  But seriously, I got the longest curtain rod that Ikea had (accidentally stabbing a few eager shoppers along the way to checkout in the process) and it still isn't long enough!  I want the curtains to not be covering the windows at all.  Technically I haven't looked anywhere else, but any recommendations as to where to find a long (yet substantial) rod??  My windows aren't even that big...

But screw it.  Blueish material and midget rods --- I'm still crossing it off the list. 


  1. We had the same problem in our bedroom but I just ignored the advice becasue I couldn't bear paying anymore for a curtain rod. I have good luck with long curtain rods at JCPenney. But I"m just constantly amazed at the crazy prices for curtain rods.

    I love the panels. They are a lovely color.

  2. The panels look great! I love the neutral colors - I too am moving to the neutral tones:) We needed an extra long curtain rod for our bedroom and we got it at Target. It was expensive, but worth it!

  3. it looks fabulous!! i think that is what our family room needs...curtains!! :) maybe we will copy you


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