Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Wordle

I used Wordle to create an image of all of the words in my blog posts, and this is what it came back as:


I'm a little disturbed that BAD and RAIN are so large (I hope I don't sound that negative all the time!)... and of course, KOALA kinda throws it off from my Halloween post...
And apparently I use the words REALLY, MAYBE, and POPCORN a little too frequently... I have a feeling it only pulled in some of my more recent posts, otherwise GRASS might have been in there much larger!
It's so crazy I never went to this site before - I can't wait to make Wordles of all kinds of things (and I forsee a wall-decor project in my future using this!)
Source: http://www.wordle.net/


  1. That is so super cool. First word I noticed was koala!

  2. For some reason those have never worked for me, but I love your's lol at Koala!


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