Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Painting Made Easier

Do you know what would really make painting easier?  If Tony helped... but let's not go there... ;)

In other news, I painted our office!! Woo!  It only two and a half years....

But I can cross that one off the list ---->

I will post some pictures of it once I actually put the furniture back in :)  In the meantime, I wanted to share the little gadget that made this paint job the easiest one yet.

I feel dumb because I'm pretty sure everyone else in the world knew about this, and I definitely didn't. 

I thankfully crawled out from under my rock on this guy due to my good friend Kirsty's recommendation.  (I technically bought the cheapo version without the fancy handle, but you get the idea!  It was like, $3..)

I didn't have to tape (my arch-enemy)!!  It went PERFECTLY around all of the door and window frames, as well as the ceiling.  The baseboards were a little tricky, as they weren't thick enough for the wheels to ride on, but I used it anyway with a steady hand and got a relatively straight line. 

And honestly, there's some paint on the baseboards.  And I don't care.

Too bad I discovered this tool while painting the last remaining room in our house to be painted..

[ps - Kirsty's husband Josh is on his way home from Afghanistan right now for his leave-- keep him in your thoughts for safe travels home and back :) ]


  1. Umm- yes! thank you for this. We are just about to embark on the joys of homeownership. = )

  2. I haven't been on here in sooooo long! Glad this worked out for you! Also, thanks for the sweet PS message! Luv ya!


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