Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thrifting Treasures

I found a few great things at our local thrift store and Goodwill this weekend. 

And what's a trip to the thrift store without following it up with a good spraypainting session?

I found these fabulous candlesticks for under $4 total, that I plan to use for Christmas decor (similar ones from Target were around $8 each and I was sad I never got any last year!).

I loved this little bird too ($2).  And while I liked it in silver, the little waxy lines on it just wouldn't clean off.  So out comes the spraypaint!

It kinda looks porcelain now... I love it!

Side Note:  I'm certainly not the first to tout the amazingness of this thingy - but if you are an avid spraypainter/buyer-of-other-people's-junk and you haven't tried this, then you don't know what you're missing!!  It's a cheap plastic handle (Rustoleum, from Walmart) that snaps right onto the spray can and makes for a much smoother finish on what you paint.  It also eliminates that bizarre cramped shaking twitching finger syndrome.

In my quest to de-red our living room, I put the bird on the mantle.  However, the solid white color needed some balance on the other side.

So I painted this candlestick solid white too:

I definitely need to get a different candle for it, but I like how they balance each other out.  I'm going to replace some of the other accessories too, but I'm going to wait until after Christmas, since it will all be temporarily replaced with festive decor soon anyway!

On a side note, I also got some really cute shirts too - all for $3 each!  (Don't judge me, I wash them well, ok??)


  1. I really like the bird. So pretty.

  2. Nice work. I love goodwill- I have bought shirts there- they have actually turned out to be some of my favorites! crazy how that happens. Although- I do miss that new clothes smell and feel. Goodwill doesn't have that.

  3. There's no need to apologize for thrifted clothing! I never buy clothes in stores any more, it all comes from yard sales, and I find great designer stuff for next to nothing. I figure anything can be washed. I even wash shoes!

  4. Don't feel bad - most of my clothes come from garage sales and thrift stores too. That little spray paint handle is great - I'll have to keep my eye open for one.


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