Monday, January 4, 2010

Adios 2009

Wow, new year!!  Thanks to spending New Years Eve and the next few days in bed with general yucky sickness, I didn't get my new year post up in a timely fashion.  And honestly, I'm still a little loopy from cold medicine so I won't be posting anything profound. 

I did want to look back at last year's new years post... I can't honestly say I could check all of those off as complete - in fact, probably none of them.  I basically wanted to do more with myself and my life in 2009 - I definitely worked on that, but it's not complete.  I still want to spend more time doing things I care about - having fun, laughing, helping others, being crafty - and less time being lazy.  I had some rough days (weeks? months?) where I let my frustration with my terrible commute or general stress get the better of me, but my attitude is something I have been working on a lot, and hope to improve further. And this past year, we really got going on a bunch of the home improvement projects we'd been putting off, so that was good.

So in 2010, my slogan, stolen from Nike, is "Just Do It."  Or, stolen from Home Depot, "more doing."  I need to stop thinking about doing something (or even thinking about thinking about doing something), and just get off my lazy butt and DO IT!  Kinda like my Take Charge slogan from last year, but with even more emphasis. 

2009 - can't say I'll miss ya.  Lots of great things happened (we really are blessed), but I'm happy to put the negative behind me and move on to what is hopefully an even better 2010.  I need to remind myself that each day I can choose how I deal with the day - as my dad used to tell us over and over when we were little - "good attitude, good day.  bad attitude, bad day."  So true.

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  1. can you delete the halloween creeps me out.


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