Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Christmas

Our Christmas:

It consisted of too much food (specifically chocolate), lots of sleeping (and napping), and general laziness.  We enjoyed time with Tony's family on Christmas Eve, along with Jon and Jennifer (who's an adorable pregnant lady!), and then about 5 days in Knoxville with my family and friends.  I got to feel my little goddaughter and niece kick (which was AWESOME!) and it must be my biological clock a-tickin' that is making me obsessed with her baby, as if it were my own :)

We got lots of great presents [highlights being: an ipod shuffle to help encourage new-yearsy workouts, a Kurv dustbuster (yes! cleaning products!), a Flip video, great books and clothes and socks, and Tony got an electric smoker and a mandolin (to both help make me lots of yummy food)]

Christmas was wonderful, as always, now time to start the new year fresh.

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  1. What a fabulous Christmas recap! Love the pictures!


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