Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Egging Me On

It was 68 degrees outside today.  6 freaking 8!  That means spring is right around the corner, and I cannot wait

For as much as I complain about the weather, isn't it an amazing feeling when the sun starts shining again, the grass begins to show just a tint of green, and the heavy oppression of winter lifts inch by inch, revealing a big wide open blue sky that has been hiding for six months?  Without winter's terrible gloom, I don't think spring would be the uplifting time it is.  It's something to look forward to and anticipate, which to me only otherwise comes around near the holidays. 

And besides, come August, I will be cursing the blazing sun and the intolerable humidity. 

So in my anticipation of weekends spent working in the yard, my vitamin D count going up, and the overall awesomeness that is spring - I have tried to spruce up the house with a little Easter inspiration.

The sad thing is, my collection is a little lacking.  My mom got me this awesome Easter ornament tree (Grammy always had one growing up and I loved it) - but right now it's only sporting two ornaments.  But I want them each to mean something, so it will just have to be filled out slowly year by year.

My mantle got a little springy thanks to $1 worth of plastic eggs from Dollar Tree, and our bookcase has a few little Eastery touches.

I'm kinda in love with this little chick - $3 from this amazing vintique shop Nostalgia in Knoxville. 

I can't wait for the days of perusing the garden section of Home Depot and adding a little color to this house!

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  1. The weather this weekend was such a tease. The summer can be brutal, but all I'm thinking about right now is spending time outside in the sun light. Now if only we could get three months off and a spring break...

    I'm digging that little chick! So cute! I love the apothecary jar and I really love the easter tree as well. Sentimental items and traditions are the best.


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