Monday, March 29, 2010

A Martha-esque Weekend

This weekend, I got my Martha on.  The weather was beautiful - and I got to do a little bit of everything the good lady would admire - socializing, exploring, baking, decoupaging, cleaning, and planting.

We celebrated Greg's birthday with a delicious meal at Fox Brothers BBQ (if you live in Atlanta, check it out!).

The infamous Barnes Bunch was in town, and I was so happy to spend a few hours them in the warm sun at Little Five Points. 

I made Hidden Kisses cookies (which were delish).  No pictures because I ate them before I had the chance to photograph them.

I planted some lantana (an old favorite) and some pink impatiens.  I love both of these annuals because they grow fast and don't require too much attention and/or me remembering to water them more frequently than every two weeks...

I tried to ameliorate my sorry Easter decor by taking inspiration from Centsational Girl and getting my modpodge on.  It's like fingerpainting with glue - fun for hours!

I got our Easter baskets all ready for the bunny's visit.  I wanted baskets that would last a while, so I opted to buy $1 baskets at the thrift store and paint them.  Granted, I spent about $5 on paint, and it would have been cheaper to buy new baskets from Walmart, but you know what, I love to spraypaint and I felt like being domestic so I "made" my own from scratch so there.

All in all, wonderful weekend.  Now, if this silly little week would just go ahead and get on with it, that would be great.  Thankyouverymuch.


  1. you are so stinkin' crafty it's ridiculous. you should sell stuff on that etsy website. :O)

  2. Go on with your bad self! Multiple snaps in a Z formation.

    All of your projects turned out super cute! And your family looks like so much fun. I'll have to check out Fox Brothers, though good bbq is dangerous!


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