Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sometimes I do stupid things.

Hard to believe, right??

Sometimes I do stupid things, like subscribe to the Pottery Barn catalog when we absolutely don't have the money to buy things from said Pottery Barn.  Stupid Pottery Barn and your mouthwatering-but-crazy-expensive-home-furnishings!  Then I do stupid things like go to their website and then they've cookied me and I now get PB ads everywhere online, teasing me.  Stupid!

But seriously.  I loved loved loved their excessive use of starfish, coral, and shells everywhere in the decor.  I secretly want to make our house look like a beach cottage, but scared I wouldn't do it justice and it would just look tacky.  All of their pictures make me dream of summer with a cool breeze from a big ceiling fan on a nice front porch..... 

Our bedroom and guest bath have hints of beachy, but it's just not the same.

I did get some good ideas from my naughty PB voyeurism... I can't wait to go on our beach trip this year (T minus three months and counting) and buy some nautical decor on the cheap to spruce up our house.

Or maybe we should just move to the beach, and I can paint our house a nice Seafoam on the outside, all blues on the inside, and have all of the coastal accents I want.... verrrrry tempting!

All images are from here (obviously!)


  1. I really want a beach house too. I am trying to convince Justin that WHITE = AMAZING, but he just isn't buying it!

  2. I too must confess I find myself looking at home decor that I know I cannot afford. I find myself getting angry at the magazines I look at:)

    Quick Question: I know we live in the same area - What do y'all do for fun around the area? We are having a hard time meeting people and getting involved. We are searching for a church home in the area. Just trying to find some fun things to do:) Hope you don't mind me asking!

  3. I fell in love with all of this stuff too, and just had to do something about it. So, I tried to mimic some of their looks for my dining room which I had been wanting to transform anyway. I found many of the same things (coral, starfish, etc.) at Kohl's in the sand and sea collection and got all of it at 60% off. I was ecstatic. (I even carried the PB catalog in my purse along with me, so I could really do it right!) Now, I just have to get to work!!


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