Monday, July 12, 2010

Beer Bread

This is an easy way to combine two fabulous things - carbs and beer.

Beer Bread
- 3 cups self-rising flour
- 1 bottle of beer (hint: Bud Light probably won't do the trick...)
- 3 heaping tablespoons of sugar

Mix it all; grease loaf pan, pour in.  Melt 1/2 stick of butter over the bread before you bake it, and pour over the other half after it's done baking.  Bake for 40+ minutes at 375*



  1. Want to shove my face in please

  2. I stumbled on your blog by accident this morning! Love it! My Mom used to make beer bread.... it's been years since I've had it and I think I need to make some now. YUM! :)

  3. I'm so afraid of baking, especially bread, but I might be able to manage this one! Super easy! Thanks!

  4. YES! A southern staple...Loooooove beer bread!


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