Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Multi-Functional Office

I don't think I've previously shown many pictures of our "office."  Basically, beacuse it was a dumping ground for college leftovers, the carpet was GROSS, and it was plain drab.  I have to say, it's in a lot better shape now.  Not catalog-worthy by any means, but I don't hate going in there anymore! Yes!

The first step was new carpet.  I can report with glee that we have decent floor coverings in our whole house now, not the mishmash that was there before.

I also tackled the paint - beige for far too long!  The office is the one room where we actually get a decent amount of natural light, so I wanted the paint to reflect that.  Also, I knew I wanted to hang my mother in law's art in here, so it needed to match that as well.  Sunny yellow it was.

Next, our big honker of a desk needed replacing.  We were lucky to have a hand-me-down for a few years, but the old desk was too big for the room, falling apart, and didn't solve our computer/cords situation at all.  We didn't want to invest in a big, fancy, expensive desk, so we opted for one from Walmart.  It's BHG, and it was around $100. 

So far, it's done the trick just fine, and is just the right size for our room.  It has a place for the hard drive, so we can hide all of the cords and routers and fun stuff inside for a cleaner look.  It's not super-high quality, of course, but it doesn't feel like fiberboard either.  Suits our needs for now. 

[I actually can't wait to paint those handles ORB... the gold isn't doing it for me]

This is the newest addition.  

I was super excited to find a large bulletin board for cheap at the thrift store, and painted it a nice pumpkin orange color.  The faux wood sticker frame wasn't cutting it.  

Now I have a place to display photos, cards, and other paper products that mean something, but never had a place.  I can swap it out on a whim.  I left "room to grow" space.  And it takes up a wall that would otherwise be empty.  Score!

We don't have many sleeping options in our house, so we were in the market for a daybed or something to add to the office for an extra sleeping space.  Luck would have it, that our neighbors put this twin bed (and mattress!) out by the curb one day for anyone who would take it.  We felt a little weird doing so, but we snatched it up (on the pretense we had a "friend" who needed it....)! 

It's not pretty.  I know this.

It was a kid's bed, and it's honey oak. No thanks.  I was all set to paint it a glossy chocolate brown, but Tony thought it wouldn't be worth the effort, since hopefully we can replace it eventually.  I'm undecided. 

Either way, it keeps one person from having to sleep on the floor or in their car when they come to visit, so I was grateful for the free bed! 

[I just decided I want to paint it.  Knowing that the blog world knows I have something honey oak in my house is too shameful.... no offense if you like it -it's just not my style!  I swear, half of my house could be called "chocolate" brown...]  :)

And finally, a little reading nook right by the sunny window. 

So there you have it.  Part 3 of 3 of our house's rooms.  I know, it's hard not to lose count of just how many rooms we have at our mansion...

I want to work on the bedding, add art to the empty headboard wall, and jazz up the desk accessories... all in good time.

It's still a mishmash, but it's functional and bright.  Perfect for now


  1. The office looks great and the artwork is so pretty. Go Mrs.S! By the way, that daybed is calling my name -- I've got to see all this pretty house SOON!

  2. I think it looks great! And I'm with you on the honey oak!

  3. That art work is to die for.I love the room color, the layout, the cork board, desk...everything! And I totally think a little paint would do no harm. My husband is the same way. He always rolls his eyes when I want to paint something because he says we'll replace it soon enough. But why not spend $20 and two hours to make it cute now instead of waiting until who knows when and not caring very much for it?

    Anyway, I'm rambling, but job well done and I can't wait to see the makeover!


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