Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Purple Blanket? Really???

It's intriguing to me to get a glimpse into who is reading my blog.  I blame it on being in media - and the ever-increasing time I spend with learning the ins and outs of online advertising. 

I post on here for many reasons, mostly as an outlet, a place to write, also to share our lives/home with family and friends.  I don't post to get traffic to my blog (thank goodness, or I would be screwed!).  But nonetheless, it's so interesting to discover who is reading my words, in the ambiguous sense you can "know" someone on the internet.

I've had SiteMeter on the blog for a while, but now that Google Analytics is easily accessible on Blogger, it paints an even more interesting story.

  • More people read that I thought... but still not many :)
  • People in Germany love me!  Well, read me at least... that and Latvia and Bahrain (hi!)
  • Most interesting - and equally inexplicable - my post "Purple Blanket" is, by leaps and bounds, my most read post.  Not just all time either, every week.  Even most days.  Traffic is coming from Google images of that hideous wall I painted purple in the days of yore..  but why are so many people searching for this??  Mystery.  Also slightly embarrassing, since that's one of my most infamous issues with paint colors...

  • Not to be forgotten, a big shout out to all of my "friends" out here in blogland who include a link to my little slice of the internet, on their little slice.  I love the community and inspiration gained from blogging, and the sweet and motivating words each of you take the time to leave on my rambling posts.  Thanks.
 To everyone searching for Purple Blanket - please don't judge me.  Read this instead.


  1. Last year, after watching the movie New Moon, I wrote a post about it. Unfortunately, I chose to title it "Shirtless Teenage Boys". Ha. Let me tell you how many pervs get directed to my poor lil blog because of that title. They must be sorely disappointed when they see a bad picture of some crap recipe I made and not the smut they were hoping for. It makes me laugh.

    Oh and if pervs now come to your blog because I wrote that, then I apologize in advance :)

  2. Ohmygosh, I know what you mean! I'm like, 'Why?! Why are you reading that post?! Delete! Delete!'

    And then their are the weird Google searches. Someone actually Googled 'SCORED WITH RICHIE SAMBORA' on my blog today.



  3. Hi Claire! Just stopped by from Shannon's blog, and your post - and Shannon's comment - cracked me up. Love your blog!


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