Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feeling Crafty

I feel like the internet is abounding with craftiness these days - or perhaps I've just been feeling the urge to get my craft on - and am thus more attuned... either way, there's plenty of inspiration out there (and eye candy!).

Chcek out some of these creations that I've been eyeing lately (to copy, of course!):

  • Angela at Unexpected Elegance made her own clock face, a la Pottery Barn -  See her fabulous tutorial here.  My parents have one like this (the real deal!) and I have always loved it!
  • Centsational Girl's (and others!) painted trellis pattern walls (I'm thinking of employing this on a furniture piece instead of a wall).  See her beautiful wall here, and check out her whole home while you're at it - it's pretty much my dream house...
  •  Hope Studios made a great paint chip art piece, seen here.  I've DIY'ed with paint chips before, but I love her larger work - I'm thinking of doing one with whites and creams
  • Taping a pattern for painting - like Anything Pretty's countertop (I've actually done a little project related to this - not quite motivated to post that yet... and it's not nearly as good as hers!!)

Don't be surprised if you see me copying these here soon!

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  1. Please do the trellis pattern on some furniture for me. I have zero patience and am tired just looking at the instructions for the wall version. And yay crafts!


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