Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Spy...

... things from the new Ikea catalog that I need* to have.

*translates to - "don't actually need"

Before we get started, can I just say that Tony has told me ::twice:: that he wants to go to Ikea soon?  Twice!  I usually have to drag him.  Stars must be aligned people....

Here we go.

Since I really am quite the "clubber"... I would love to have some of those glass candlesticks.  I love the shape and bright colors...

I love these metaly ones too!

These brown curtains with a loop/ring pattern to them.  They would look perfect in our bedroom...

This little dog... and the mudroom he lives in...

I am also a party planner - oh, Ikea! you know me well! - and those carafes are quite lovely

That glass based lamp.  Our lamps are mostly all hand-me-downs and they definitely don't have the charm or sophistication these babies do..

This bench... I know it screws Scandinavia... and I have no where to put it, but I like it anyway!

The leafy brown rug on the right... our kitchen has sported a different $20 Ikea rug for three years, and it might be time for an upgrade!

Another lamp (far left).  Be still my heart.  This one seems to be a nice metal/pewtery color.  Might be one you have to see in person first though... 

The three-pronged hook on the right.  How convenient would that guy be??  I'm thinking space-saving belt hanger for the closet....

More candlesticks!  I mean, who can have too many??

Those lovely blue leaf curtain panels.  They would be a perfect splash of color in our office... they are $60.  :( 

There is clearly much, much more that caught my eye, but alas... I can't handle any more eyecandy!  I <3 you Ikea.  I really do.  

Oh, and last but not least... this piece of chocolate cake, full of Swedish goodness:

Go here to see all of this wonderfulness for yourself! 

I will be sure to share my spoils if we do in fact make the pilgrimage there soon!

All images from Ikea


  1. I somehow missed that bench! And need it! And also have nowhere to put it! And seriously, can you figure out how you somehow got husband to want to go to Ikea. I think John would rather walk across hot coals. I don't even make him go thru the showroom anymore, I'm strictly marketplace!

  2. You have such a good eye! I think you need all of these and so does your home!

    Aren't I a terrible influence? I hope you get to hit up Ikea soon!

  3. I've been planning a trip myself!

  4. i agree ... there are so many new things in the catalog that are on my "haha need" list!

  5. Ha! I am so glad that the nearest Ikea is 8 hours away from me. I would be in a lot of trouble if it wasnt! Love your taste!


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