Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh, Textiles

I hit the jackpot at Ikea.

I got this awesome blue plastic colander.
FL√ĄCKIG Colander blue Diameter: 9 " Height: 6 "  Diameter: 24 cm Height: 15 cm
Ok, well, I did get that - but I allllso got a pretty amazing deal on some textiles.  Curtains to be exact. 

Let me explain - Claire and textiles don't mesh.  I make poor choices picking them out (included are curtains, rugs, fabrics, etc) and I am usually too cheap to get nice things.   Thus, I end up spending a little - and hating a lot - like these curtains in our bedroom.

In my defense, these were purchased before I entered blogland, and thus, I wasn't really aware of the golden rule to hang them high and wide.  Um, and also apparently I don't understand length dimensions on curtain packages.

So, I had suffered (yes! suffered!) with these curtains for a few years.  They drove me bonkers, yet I just couldn't bring myself to spend $40+ on curtains.  Stupid pieces of fabric that hang.  

{Enter Ikea}  You know I love Ikea.  

I drooled over their curtains in the aptly named "Textiles" section - but the ones I liked were still more than I wanted to spend.

We made our way towards the exit, me crying a little that the experience was over, when I decided to pop into the as-is section.  

To my intense excitement, there was a HUGE bin of curtains in there - all were out of their packages and roaming free - but all in great shape! ...  I might or might not have hovered over the bin like a lion over prey... 

And get this.  $3.  $3 per panel!  They are the basic ones with tabbed tops - but they are super long and just fine for my purposes.  I spent $18 and got 6 panels (including two white ones yet to be hung in the office!).

I was in cheapo heaven!

With the help of a new lamp shade (another Target linen drum via Ross $2.99) and a fresh coat of blue on my bird - our room has a much fresher look!

Now I have respectable curtains that actually go below the window sills.  In fact, they are too long and need to be faux-hemmed, but that's another day.

For now, I will just be happy with my $12 upgrade.


  1. 1) Thank you for teaching me what a "textile" is, because I had no idea (and apparently I just purchased a textile (rug) from Ikea last week- who knew?
    2) I also had no idea that curtains were supposed to hang down so low- so thank you for sharing this too! I have not yet entered the "DIY neighborhood of Blogland"... I've ventured over there, but think I'm ready to stay awhile.
    3) I did give up on IKEA, I'll admit when we entered our "We-have-$" phase- I 'set' Ikea behind me (didn't have a clue back then on the value of being cheap)... but I'm so glad I gave it another chance and then we've reunited. :)

  2. 4.) I loooooooove what you've done to your room and I little you spent on it- I know I use this word a lot, but it's incredibly INSPIRING.

  3. I want an IKEA near me!!! totally jealous ;)

  4. I am so lame for being so behind in my blog reading! I've been so curious about if you went to Ikea and got your wish list.

    You rocked it! You really got a great bang for your buck!


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