Saturday, August 7, 2010

Table Transformation

This baby has been burning a hole in my proverbial spray paint pocket for some time now.  I am so happy I finally got the chance to spray the crap out of it, and share it with the world!

Here's the story.  I know, I know, you were hoping there would be a rambling back story...

I saw this little guy at my favorite local thrift store (Goodwill and I are kinda on a break - they've raised their prices and I'm cheap...).  It was wobbly, a little rough, but had good bones.  And it was once a genuine piece of furniture - complete with metal tag and pocket holes.  It was $10.

After Tony asked me to tell him the exact location of where it would live - to which I didn't have an answer... -  I had to walk away.  Sad face.

That week, I regretted not getting it.  Seriously, I have issues, but I thought about that stupid little table.  But I still didn't have a legitimate use for it - until inspiration hit!

We need some sort of table/bench thing for our patio - so all of those plants have a place to live besides our patio table.  The thrift store table would have been perfect!! But alas, it had been a week, and it was likely gone.

To my luck, when I went back a week later, not only was it still there - it was discounted to $6.  40% discount, what what!  I swiped the tag, paid for it, and came back to get it - I literally had to ask a lady to remove her purse from on top of it (she was trying to claim it with a story of storing her Bibles on it - sorry lady, no sympathy here!) so I could take it home.

Since it's going outside, I wasn't too concerned with it's scratches and scuffs.

I started with light sanding, then clear sprayed it for a little protection.

Then I added a base cheapo white coat.  (I'm figuring the more coats the merrier - and maybe it won't fall apart in 5.7 seconds...probably still will tho)

Next it got an orange top.  Scary!

I laid down a basic pattern on the top to cover the orange with painters tape.  Let's be honest - the stripes are kind of crooked.  I didn't measure, and I didn't level or straightedge.  I'm a rebel like that.

Next, the little table that could got 25 coats of hot pink (I had both the orange and pink on hand already, and I wanted to add lots of color to our scary backyard... plus that combo reminds me of summer - so don't judge my color explosion! ).  After the pink dried, I peeled up the tape, leaving a pretty little orange design.

100 more coats of clear, and it was ready to survive the elements (I hope...maybe?... long enough to take the photos?...).

Here it is, holding an enormous pot for a relatively small plant.  I need to upgrade next time we hit Ikea... but the underside is able to hold watering cans and plant food.

It's definitely a splash of color - probably too much so - but it's certainly an upgrade!

{I added this to Remodelaholic's  post here!}


  1. I LOVE love love rambling back stories. And spray paint. And that you share in my obsessive tendency to ruminate on "things I didn't purchase at the thrift store". So glad yours had a happy ending!!!

  2. I seriously lack your vision! It looks great!

  3. LOVE.IT.

    (see, i can leave short comments too:)


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