Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trunk Transformation

Here's a story about a trunk.  

I've had this baby pink trunk in my house for a while.  ...No, we don't have any rooms that require an accent color in any shade of pastel, let alone, pink.  But this trunk has a history.

This trunk started out black.  It was my Grammy's trunk that she took her belongings in to college - back when a lady packed a trunk instead of a suitcase (or... garbage bags, if you're Angelina...)  This baby has been in the family since 1949 - it was black at the time, and it still has the original leather handles (although.. they are on the verge of disintegrating...). 

At some point, it got a coat of hunter green.

My mom got it from Gram to use in my nursery when I was little - painting it a baby pink - creating a place for me to keep my dress up clothes.

On it came to my new house.  And pink it has stayed.  Despite it being totally mismatched...

However, I finally got the motivation to paint it something a little more modern.  Using some free Glidden paint from last year's promo (um, yes, last year...) - Robin's Egg Blue - I gave it a nice sanding and a few fresh coats.  

Next, copying many ideas I've seen around the www these days - I created a stencil using PowerPoint shapes, printed out, cut, and traced onto the top of the trunk.  A little time consuming, but nothing an hour on the living room floor in front of the TV couldn't help...

This is the best picture I could get of it...
I filled in the stencil outline with more free Glidden paint (Pebble).  I plan to use this same gray color on other pieces of furniture in that room, which will tie it together..

Voila!  Pretty trunk, a fun piece instead of an eyesore.  Still chock full of history.

The dogs like it! 

Oh, the power of paint...

I added this to Remodelaholic's post! :)  Check it out!


  1. Cool! Awesome job :)

    I've really been wanting to stencil something, but for some reason I keep thinking it'll be hard (I don't know why!). This turned out really great!

  2. Very cool!

    BTW, Sandy looks like she LOVES being stuck in the corner blocked in by Roxers. :)

  3. This looks excellent. Nice colors as well.

    What a cutie you were BTW :).

  4. This is one of my favorite projects of yours... I like them all, but love that this is so full of history and so contemporary all at the same time... you are so inspiring!

  5. It looks so great, Claire! Love the colors and the pattern. And the legacy is just amazing. Love that it's a piece with a story. (And, don't get me started on the dress-up shot. Adorable.)

  6. Oh, I love the stencil! Great job!
    I'd love it you stopped by my blog and joined my Friday link party!
    Have a great Friday!

  7. WOW! i like the pattern. old trunks are awesome ... i love the history of them.


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