Thursday, September 30, 2010

Camera Recommendations?

Hi lovely readers.  I need your help.

My camera makes me very angry.  I yell at it.  I belittle it with sarcasm.  Still, it takes blurry pictures.  For every 1 picture I post on here - I've taken 37 others that didn't turn out.  Add to the mix the fact that our house is like a bat cave sometimes, and that I usually don't get home in time for daylight - and you've got some pathetic pictures on your hands.

Let's be honest - it's a Casio.  That explains it all right there. [I have middle school memories of the kids with Casio calculators who were waaaay inferior to the TI-83 cool kids].  [no offense if you like Casio].  [don't hate me].

I'm not ready to dive into a real, big-girl camera quite yet.  So I still want a point and shoot - but I want one that works.  Is that too hard to ask???

I'm thinking $250 or less... so something fairly inexpensive - but will last me longer than a year. 

ANY suggestions or tips are much appreciated!


  1. Canon canon canon! I just ordered my mom this camera to replace her kodak that never worked when she needed it to. Canon point and shoots are the best (I still use my ancient one when I'm not using the big camera)- great quality, great pictures, very user friendly.

    Really, you can't go wrong with a Canon Powershot SD (any one) and they come in fun colors. And I've found Amazon to have the best prices. Let us know what you get.

  2. Totally agree with Emily. I have a canon power shot and I love it. I also have a fancy canon. I won't lie...I sometimes find myself reaching for the power shot over the fancy canon.

    And oh yeah...don't look at my blog pictures for confirmation of the quality. I don't spend any time on the pictures that I post. They are actually the worst pictures that I take. I have a lot of fantastic pictures (and movies) of MAB with the power shot.

  3. I have been considering getting a Power Shot, too. I've heard great things, and think it would be nice to have something smaller for aroudn town.

  4. Just found your blog via Caroline @ Ye Old Sandwich Shop. I recently purchased a Sony Cyber-shot ( and LOVE it. It's super easy to use, but also has good manual settings, which I like. This is one of the cameras that has the panoramic setting as well, and this feature is AMAZING. The only complaint I have about this camera is that I haven't been able to get videos off of it and onto my Mac.

  5. ... a little late to chime in, but I agree with a Canon camera as well. I prefer Canon over the other 'camera powerhouse'- Nikon.

  6. CANON!! They make the best cameras! (I'm not at all biased...)

  7. thank you guys so so so much for the recs! i trust you all any day over online reviews!!! :)


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