Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Couch Potato

This will sound funny coming from someone who won't shut up about saving money - but, we got a new couch!

Our old couch was a cheap "we just bought a house and have absolutely zero furniture and we are poor" purchase.  It was falling apart, the material was picked like crazy, and it smelled like dog.  

For a few months we've been shaving a few hundred dollars off of our already-slim cash allotment for the month (usually designated for entertainment, groceries, etc).  With that cash in hand, we found a great leather couch at Costco (yay! Costco!)

Forgive my stupid camera that refuses to take clear and/or accurately-colored photos.
It's a reddish brown, and it's a lot less bulky than our old one, and I think it takes our living room up a notch (but, of course, now I don't like our coffee table/ottoman...)  The leather will help control the dog fur/allergies dilemma, as long as they can keep their stinkin' paws off of it.

It's certainly exciting and rewarding to save for a big purchase.  The dogs think so too.


  1. Love it! Very, very nice... and the couch, in my opinion, is a very important piece of furniture- must be nice *and comfortable (and can't smell like a dog:). ~~YAY for Costco!

  2. the ottoman doesnt match at all!! mom might still have that ottoman that is like a redish print she bought from Braden's that she never used. It sat in our apt by the door and thats it. You should ask to borrow it, at least till you find one that matches! xox

  3. I love it! I helped my brother decorate his new house and picked out one very similar. It made me kinda want one for myself. 'Cept I probably won't be seeing a new couch for awhile :)

  4. What a nice couch!! I love Costco!! :) I've been wanting new couches since I met my husband 9 years ago!! LOL I hate his couches. I mean our couches. I guess I better start saving the pennies for some and make it happen like you have... :)

  5. Ooo... it looks so nice! Love the shape and feel of it. Costco? Who woulda thought? We don't have a Costco here, anyhow. Bummer.


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