Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Project #1 - Dollar Store Wreath

As promised, I've started to get my craft on, to help put me in the autumnal mood.

This first project was not only super easy, it was completely stolen from the internets.  

For $4, and one trip to the dollar store, I now am the proud owner of a fall wreath.  

I bought the wreath base thingy (what is the proper name for that?  wreath wring?) and 3 garlands of leaves.

I sprayed the WW with a light brown color before I started, just in case it showed through.  I popped the leaves off of their plastic vine, and hot glued the leaves down in a randomish color pattern.

Easy as pumpkin pie (mmmm, pie)... 


  1. Beautiful- and only $4.00?? I'm saving this idea- decorating this week... finally:).

  2. I found your blog via Kim @ Newlywoodwards.

    Cute wreath! I did a similar one last year and it's held up really well. Can you go wrong for $4? I'm not too far from you in Dunwoody. I've added you to reader and look forward to more decorating posts.


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