Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Project #2 & #2 1/2

Here's "trick yourself into thinking it's fall by making stuff" project #2 (and #2 1/2).  It will knock your socks off. Ok, it won't.  I just painted some pumpkins.  But they have glitter on them, so they are sorta fancy.

All it took were two dubious pumpkins from the dollar store, some metallic craft paint, and copious amounts of glitter.


Much better!  

PS - can someone please explain to me how this styrofoamy pumpkin is allowed to be labeled "carvable" ???  Some poor kid is going to be sorely disappointed.

Here's project #2 1/2.  It's not special enough to be labeled a full project.  It took me longer than it should have five seconds to make. I had bought a bag of gauzy leaves from the DS as wreath filler, but didn't end up needing them.

So I glued them to a piece of ribbon as a base, and made a little sheet of leaves to go under a candle on an old tray I had.  It's actually looks pretty good on our coffee table.  

$3 for these projects - so that's $7 total so far for my autumnal accessories.  

This and more fun stuff here:


  1. You are really rocking the fall decor on a budget!! And I love your new metallic, glittery pumpkins. They would make a great addition to a beautiful mantle or table scape!

    I'm banned from using glitter in my house. Stephen hates it. With a passion. *sigh*

  2. I am very impressed Claire- totally not a 1/2 project... complicated, no- but too cute, crafty, and creative to be considered (wow, lots of "c" words in my "c"omment) a *1/2. :)

  3. I love this! I saw some 40% off pumpkins yesterday but hubs was with me and talked me out of them...

    As far as the styrofoam pumpkins, they are hollow inside and you can actually carve them (although the one in your photo looks rather tiny). I did one back in '08 which you can see here:

    They are more difficult to carve. And the edges don't come out clean...

  4. thanks guys!

    @caroline - well that's no fun, Stephen!!

    @kylie - ahhh! i get it now! i thought it was solid - and wondered how the white styrofoam would look. makes sense now!

  5. Love the autumn decor. You have motivated me to at least put out some pumpkins and hang up my wreath. I need to get back into the holiday decorating groove!

  6. I love your ideas!!! I'm going to steal them!!

  7. Great ideas! Very creative.


  8. Dude, sweet pumpkins. I want them but have zero motivation. Please make a 2nd of all your crafts and send to me (or Sebbi). Thanks.


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